The greatest network of passionate Montrealers !

Contact MTL brings together dedicated Greater Montrealers of all backgrounds who are doing everything they can to shine a global spotlight on the region.

Contact MTL is a collective initiative, a product of collaboration between Greater Montréal partners, bringing together people who are passionate about Greater
Montréal and encouraging them to promote the region internationally.

Contact MTL’s core mission is to shine a global spotlight on Greater Montréal by reinforcing its status as a cultural, economic and high-tech hub and a center of
higher learning.

Who can become a member of the ambassadors network?

Anyone who is passionate about Greater Montréal and is ready and willing to promote the region’s achievements and expertise.

Become a member of Contact MTL

Who are Greater Montréal ambassadors?

The ambassadors are people who simply love Greater Montréal, want it to thrive and are ready to actively promote the region and garner recognition for its strengths and achievements at home and around the world.

They have a keen interest in everything that goes on and gets people going in Greater Montréal, whether it’s related to business, science, academia, culture, sports or the arts.

They are savvy, active and engaged, and have a network of local, national and international contacts that they can tap to showcase the region.

What is the ambassadors’ role?

As champions of Greater Montréal, ambassadors are working to promote the many facets of the region’s know-how and achievements. Their joint efforts are helping put Greater Montréal on the map, show the world what our metropolis is really made of, and create a positive buzz around it.

Ambassadors take advantage of social media, conferences and meetings to share and spread news about Greater Montréal’s strengths and achievements with every chance they get. We encourage them to do something every week—or even more often if they can.

In their social and professional circles, members of Contact MTL also keep an eye out for growth and development opportunities for the region, and are able to identify projects with strong potential for the region in terms of international conferences and events, export markets, foreign investments, talent and international organizations. The network provides the perfect vantage point to spot opportunities and is a powerful magnet for attracting the best students, researchers, scientists, skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

We encourage them to do something every week—or even more often if they can.