Startup Weekend Montreal FinTech


November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016
The upcoming edition of Startup Weekend Montreal will be around the FinTech and will take place at Centre Culturel Marocain de Montréal from November 18th to the 20th.

FinTech edition ?

The FinTech, also known as financial technology, consists of using the ITC to deliver quality financial services. The FinTech has good chances of transforming the current structure of our financial institutions. The city of Montreal encompasses around 50 financial technology companies, and an important market remains untapped.

  • Do you have a business idea or a technology solution that provides a more efficient way to deliver financial services, banking or insurance products, and advisory services in wealth management or online investment … ?
  • Do you wish to contribute to turn an idea into action ?
  • Do you want to learn how an idea can become a business model ?

This edition of Startup Weekend Montreal is for you ! Come meet fellow entrepreneurs, designers, developers, students and new technology enthusiasts. Join us to help build the future of the financial services industry.

Startup Weekend ?

Startup Weekend is an entrepreneurial competition where participants have 54 hours to launch a viable business project which is then reviewed by industry professionals.

This event, now viewed as a projects accelerator, aims to offer participants a unique learning opportunity, based on action, innovation and education.

Startup Weekend starts on Friday evening, with the “pitch fire” and continues throughout the weekend, while participants build their projects, from business plan drafting to prototype conception. The event comes to an end on Sunday evening when the judges (experts and professionals) listen to the final presentations.

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