Aminka Belvitt 

Aminka Belvitt 

Aminka Belvitt manages the business strategy and operations of Montréal-based startup Adapt2me, a new approach to building language confidence.

Are you from Montréal?

I’m originally from Kitchener, Ontario and was born in Jamaica.

What do you like most about Greater Montréal?

I like the culture of enjoying life. In Montréal, we love to enjoy a nice meal, a festival, a show, we really enjoy our environment and the city around us. I love seeing people at any age enjoying what the city has to offer. This is the spirit of Montréal that we live life with such passion.

When you travel abroad, what do you hear about Greater Montréal?

Yes, in June I was in Brazil and Colombia and when talking about Canada they immediately guessed that I lived in Montréal. Montréal is an international city with a vibrant culture.

Three words to describe Greater Montréal?

Stunning. Vibrant. Spectacular.

Why do you think Montréal is such a great place for innovation and creativity?

Montréal is home to four universities, it embodies the entrepreneur spirit and has a population that resembles the world. Montréal is a solid ecosystem for innovation and creativity. Montréal is a city of culture and new ideas.

How would you like to see Montréal in 20 years from now?

I would like to see Montréal become a great global tech hub. A city that uses technology to solve its social problems and looks to technology as a solution that we can understand. Montréal will be the top tech hub for Canada.

Why do you think it’s important to act as an ambassador of our city?

It is important to represent the attributes of what makes this city so great. The more we shine the greatness of Montréal for business and innovative the better ecosystem we are creating for future innovative ideas to emerge from our city, and it allows innovative companies to be attractive to the city for business. Being an ambassador demonstrates the appreciation and gratitude a person has for a product, place or organization.

Tells us a bit more about your great project Made in Montréal…

Adapt2me is an adaptive online language learning platform for English and French (as a second language) and a mobile app for iOS. We offer 15 levels to master the English and French language while providing a blended methodology with tutor support. Our tutors encourage and monitor the learning progress of our learners.

Tutor sessions are with native speaking and experienced language teachers via Skype or Google Hangout. Our mobile app syncs with our online language platform so that all work is shared in our back-end software. Our platform is available to any individual wishing to improve their English or French language skills. To receive the full language learning experience users are encouraged to purchase a monthly subscription to have unlimited access to our content.

As a company, we understand the importance of language training to live a successful life, here in Canada. We are also aware of the current refugee crisis that has affected millions worldwide. As a response we are offering 6 months free access to our online platform with 18 hours of tutoring for refugees within and arriving to Canada. This offer is available through our Adapt2me Cares initiative.