Suzanne Fortier

Suzanne Fortier

Across the world, people recognize McGill for its commitment to excellence, both in education and in advancing knowledge. That reputation – and, in fact, everything that McGill is today – comes from the efforts, contributions and achievements of hundreds of thousands of people. –Suzanne Fortier

Suzanne Fortier is the Principal and Vice-Chancelor at McGill University as well as an officer of France’s National Order of Merit, a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a recipient of the Clara Benson Award for distinguished contributions to chemistry by a woman (1997).

Miss Fortier was named a Specially Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2015.  We had the opportunity to talk with this great innovation ambassadress earlier this year during one of her appearances at the MCFR (CORIM)…

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